Halloween Gift Set -Pegasus Snuggler + Halloween Fright Book


We all know Halloween as the season of tricks, treats, ghouls, and goblins; but did you know it’s also agreat opportunity to develop children’s emotional growth? This gift sets come with a Pegasus Unicorn Snuggler, special edition "Halloween Fright" hardcover book and affirmation card, and a glow-in-the-dark BOO basket, perfect to use for trick or treating. The "Halloween Fright" story encourages children to lean into their curiosity and face their fears when they feel ready. Reflect & Connect Questions support thoughtful discussions and deepen children’s learning. Practicing the "Halloween Fright" affirmation card reminds children that their intuition is supported and they can carry the story’s lessons with them wherever they go. Plush: 14"x5", Book: 8"x10", Glow-in-the-Dark Basket: 9.5"x8.25" Use Cases: Halloween, Trick or Treating, Social Emotional Learning, Emotional Wellness, Bravery, Fall